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Why Teens Programming?


Please see the testimonials. Thank you, parents and students, for your encouragement, your reviews mean a lot to me.


Everything you'll need, from high school, to university, to finding your first professional job or Co-op.

Comprehensive and Systematic

With more than 20 courses in software engineering, competitive, academic and creative coding, there is something for you. Study paths can lead you from a beginner to a professional level.


I am a certified industry professional (SCJP, SCWCD, SCBCD) with substantial experience as a Technical Lead and Senior Developer in the software industry. My profile

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New science curriculum with hands-on learning, coding and food literacy gets top marks locally. By Kate Dubinski · CBC News


Mr. Sun is very friendly and makes learning so much easier. He goes through each point thoroughly and will always make sure that all of the students understood clearly. Amazing teacher.
- Kate D
Strongly suggest you try it if you want to learn any programming language or computer science! Trust me, programming is hard but Teens Programming made it an easier experience for me.
- Andy L
Napu taught me a couple of years ago and was very kind and professional. I have heard many great things about this school recently and I am glad to hear that the quality of his teaching is still among the best I have ever had
- Jason L
The course offered here is organized and covers various computer science and coding topics. The contest course will prepare you well for CCC and any other computer contest. Learning from Teens Programming definitely prepared me well for high school computer science class and helped me get my offer of admission to UWaterloo CS, CFM and CE. Overall I highly recommend anyone interested in computers take classes from Teens Programming.
- Yao Lei

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Live Online Courses

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Group lessons

$22 - $30





First course


Modern web page


  • 40 hours
  • If you like design
  • You will learn to build websites
  • You will start to learn Software Engineering
First course


Python and contests


  • 40 hours
  • If you like solving problems
  • If you like mind sports
  • You will learn #1 language for AI


Advanced Python and contests


  • 40 hours
  • You will solve harder problems
  • You will start to learn algorithms


Algorithms and contests


  • 40 hours
  • If you plan to do Computer Science
  • If you want to join the senior competition
  • You will learn more algorithms

AP Computer Science

Java for CS


  • 40 hours
  • If you plan to do Computer Science
  • You want to get a 5 on AP exam
  • You will learn Java and Object-Oriented programming


Java and contests


  • 40 hours
  • You will add Java to your 'toolkit'
  • You will solve time constrained problems


Advanced algorithms


  • 40 hours
  • If you want to solve more challenging problems
  • You will use more advanced algorithms


CSS Animation


  • 18 hours
  • If you like creative coding
  • You will learn 2d/3d transformations
  • You will learn to animate your page


CSS framework


  • 18 hours
  • If you need advanced page layouts
  • If you want to efficiently build professional pages
  • You will learn CSS grid layouts
  • You will learn Bootstrap 5


Javascript and game


  • 40 hours
  • You will learn Javascript
  • You will learn 4 coding styles
  • You will build web games


Javascript DOM


  • 36 hours
  • You control every element in browser
  • You will make Single Page Applications
  • You will learn asynchronous programming models


Python data analysis


  • 30 hours
  • If you like data science
  • You will learn to manipulate and visualize data
  • You will learn the most widely used python libraries


R data analysis


  • 30 hours
  • If you do research
  • You will learn R language
  • You will use R to do data analysis and visualization


Teens Programming is the 1st London-based, industry-level, year-round, dedicated computer programming school for kids, teens and youth in London Ontario from March 2014. I have moved all in-person courses to live online courses from March 2020.

Believe coding skills are the way to fix the "Youth Unemployment Crisis'.

Evaluate the most practical industry technologies and teach the best languages, best tools and best practices.

Provide courses that lead to a technical certificate or perform a vocation.

Guide and walk you through your path step by step, lower the threshold, reveal any corners and pitfalls and establish good practices earlier.

Instructor: Napu Sun (SCJP, SCWCD, SCBCD)

years teaching experience. Students are from Grade 6-12, colleges and universities.

Technical Lead and senior developer designed and built enterprise software at CGI, Farm Credit Canada, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, Compuware(US), Flagstar(US) and EK3.

Master of Science in Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence from University of Regina in Canada; Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Application from Northeastern University in China.

Government of Canada Security Rating Level II – Secret
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